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TENxCLUB An Exclusive Startups Club

TENxCLUB will recognize Malaysian startups that hit at least RM1 million in revenue at the end of their first year from inception*.
*Inception of company no earlier than Dec 2015 qualify

Final Judging took place on the 27th November 2017 and the following startups are announced as winners:

TENxCLUB is designed with the success of the entrepreneurs in mind. The goal is one : enable scale-able startups to tremendous resources and support network to become viable and to grow quickly.

TENxCLUB is a by-qualification and invitation-only exclusive club that offers valuable network and support on an international scale.

There are shots at receiving powerful mentorship, to being sponsored to attend meaningful networking events in order to connect with the right people, as well as facilitate greater opportunities to showcase and build useful PR and social capital – all to help you amplify and quantum leap your startup’s results.

The first ten highly celebrated members of TENxCLUB will have access to investors, strategic partners and most important, strong base of customers.

Have you got what it takes to be on TENxCLUB’s invite list? CRITERIA TO QUALIFY:
Applicants of TENxCLUB must be the founder, owner or majority shareholder of a startup earning a minimum of RM1 million in its first year of operation. Registration of company no earlier than Dec 2015 qualify
  • 01

    Startup founders and owners submit interest to participate JUDGING IN PROCESS

  • 02

    Dissemination of invitation to participate

  • 03

    Delivery of startup’s P&L by
    30 Sept 2017

  • 04

    Assessment + verification
    Oct 2017

  • 05

    Judging + interview with founder
    Nov 2017

  • 06

    Final Membership Announcement Dec 5, 2017&nsbp;(GECommunity)
    10 inaugural members honoured by the Prime Minister

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