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OUR STORY Democratising EntrepreneurshipSet up as an NGO and upon registration with the Registrar of Society on the 24th February 2016 (PPM-025-14-24022016), GEM was promptly launched on the 7th March 2016.

To date, GEM has more than 10,000 affiliate members, 24 corporate members
and 15 committee members who are industry
leaders, each with prolific achievements in their respective fields
of work. With the spirit of Democratising Entrepreneurship.

GEM aims to achieve its mission by strategically aligning the
various entrepreneurs’ communities and agencies be it public or
private in Malaysia; with the ecosystems in the global marketplace.

To build, promote and internationalise the Malaysian entrepreneurial ecosystem.

To organise and host entrepreneurial events.

To organise educational programs for entrepreneurs and youth aspiring to be entrepreneurs.

To act as the connector between Malaysia and the rest of the world in relation to matters relating to entrepreneurship.

To promote interest in entrepreneurship through education, the press, general literature, exhibitions, competitions, public lectures and such other means as may appear to be advantageous to the Association.

To prepare, edit, print, publish, issue, acquire and circulate journals, directories, books, papers, periodicals, gazettes, circulars and other literary undertakings that relate to entrepreneurship.

To establish and maintain relations and/or affiliations with bodies of other industries whether they have OBJECTIVES similar to the Association or not.

Democratizing Entrepreneurship,
For Everyone.

Welcome to our site!

GEM will be the first NGO from a developing nation that focuses on connecting, networking and fostering collaborations to internationalize Malaysia’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

I’m joined on this NGO by some incredible Malaysian entrepreneurs, business leaders and innovators who have been supporting GEM’s vision where no one is deprived or denied from being an entrepreneur. In addition, we are slowly building a global presence where community leaders from different networks of different countries, coming together to support a strong partnership for Malaysia with their communities as one global ecosystem.

I truly believe that by placing greater emphasis on entrepreneurship, we will be unleashing the possibilities of keeping up with innovations thus reinforcing economic stability locally and globally. I look forward to welcome you to our global community of entrepreneurs!


Tan Sri Dr.Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah
Tan Sri Dr.Noorul Ainur Mohd. Nur
Dash Dhakshinamoorthy Balakrishnan
Deborah Melissa Bottreau
Datuk Md. Zubir Ansori bin Yahaya
Jamaludin bin Bujang
Johan bin Mohamed Ishak


Amran bin Hassan
Ebi Azly bin Abdullah
Dr. Sivapalan Vivekarajah
Eliza Elias
Hasnul Hadi bin Samsudin
Izan Satrina binti Mohd Sallehuddin
Mahadhir bin Aziz
Nadhirah Mustafa
Samirah Muzaffar
Shamsul Nashriq bin Norhisham

Low Ngai Yuen
Nurul A. Nasir